Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Do you install and service Commercial and Residential garage doors?
A) Yes!  We service and install Commercial and Residential garage doors and openers.

Q) My door only goes up a couple inches and stops.., what"s going on?
A) Most likely a spring is broken.  Springs make the door manageable to lift and when a spring breaks, the door is extremely heavy.  Spring replacements are the most common repair we do.

Q) My door won"t go down.  When I press the button, the lights of the opener blink.  What should I do?
A) In many cases, the safety beam which is located towards the bottom of the track, gets bumped, dirty, or misaligned.  Check to make sure there is a steady light on each one.

Q) How often should I have my door serviced?
A) Image Overhead Door, LLC recommends servicing doors 2 times per year.  This helps all of the working parts last longer.

Q) Are you insured?
A) Yes.  Image Overhead Door, LLC has a Commercial Liability policy and a Certificate of Insurance is available upon request.

Q) Are you available 24/7?
A) Yes!  Image Overhead Door, LLC is available 24/7 for emergency service!  Our regular hours are Monday-Friday, 8am to 4:30 pm.

Q) What types of payment do you accept?
A) Image Overhead Door, LLC accepts cash, checks, and most major credit/debit cards.